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0002550SphereServerexecutable - windows buildpublic18-08-15 13:0016-09-15 05:57
Assigned ToXuN 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002550: Wrong/missing triggers on attacks
DescriptionOn a miss it triggers:
@SkillAbort/@Abort for the skill concerning the current weapon

It shouldn't trigger @SkillAbort, but @SkillFail
It should also trigger @SkillUseQuick with argn3 = 0 for tactics

On an hit it triggers:
@SkillSuccess/@Success for the skill concerning the current weapon
@SkillUseQuick/@UseQuick for Tactics
@SkillAbort/@Abort for the skill concerning the current weapon

It shouldn't trigger @SkillAbort
Steps To Reproduce[EVENTS e_skilltest]
    src.say SkillSuccess <ARGN1>

    src.say SkillFail <ARGN1>

    src.say SkillUseQuick <ARGN1>
    src.say SkillAbort <ARGN1>
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Nightly VersionAutomated (specify build number)
Experimental FlagsItem_Strict_Comparison
Option FlagsCommand_Sysmsgs, NoHouseMuteSpeech
Internal Build Number2413
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XuN (developer)
28-08-15 18:36

Is it mandatory to use these triggers instead of @Hit (for @Success), @HitMiss (for @Fail),@UserWarMode/@SkillStart(for @Abort) etc?

I say that because the combat skills behave slightly different and they are based on their own triggers, altough that skill* triggers does exists and so, and the fact that if they do they should work, doing that would require a full rework on the combat engine.
Artyk (reporter)
28-08-15 20:47
edited on: 28-08-15 20:49

As you said, they should work.
Supposing it was working I placed a function under @SkillFail for each player and i found that bug, btw i "fixed" it for the moment using:

    argn1=<qval (<weapon>)? <weapon.skill> : 43>
    FullTrigger @SkillFail

Overyone who'll use @SkillFail will get stuck and have to use tricks to fix it.

But it also doesn't fire @SkillUseQuick when tactics is failing (haven't tested it deeply, but i think it's the same for parrying) and it always fires @SkillAbort that i don't think it's really how it should works.

XuN (developer)
15-09-15 10:32

I'll flag it as accepted because you are right in your points and maybe someone someday fix it, but it's not needed nor a priority since combat has it's own triggers which makes this ones to do not be as much important as for other skills.
Coruja (developer)
16-09-15 05:57

if we trigger @SkillFail instead @SkillAbort on failure -maybe- this will raise combat skills even when miss.
But we must check others non-combat skills too, to make sure that this will match these others skills because there's no sense some skills raise on failure and some others skills not

also the correct behavior is really trigger @SkillUseQuick on tactics/anatomy/lumberjack passively on combat. But calling this trigger will also raise the skill, and I think it's not a good idea make it hardcoded because some ppl think that it's weird gain these 3 skills in a row so easily

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