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0001756SphereServerexecutable - genericpublic22-05-10 18:2525-05-10 01:00
Assigned ToMrSugarCube 
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Product Version20-09-2009, 0.56b Prerelease 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.56c Nightly 
Summary0001756: sphere sends "reagents ammount" packets to everybody on each cast
Description- player "Mage" casts himself Greater Heal
- player "Witness" watches player "Mage" cast

Sphere sends "Witness" packets about the reagents that were used on the cast (it tells the name of the reagent and the amount left of the that reagent on the container).

* see the uploaded file for a packet capture of such example, the "witness" captured the packets, and there was a mage casting 2 times a greater heal *

if you put 30 players on screen and someone casts a spell, every one of those 30 players will receive the packets from sphere telling the name and amount of reagents used... this leads to an unnecesary higher bandwidth usage (and increased lag) we run a huge shard and had to use ridiculous high value on "max packets per tick" to avoid lag, this bug is one of the main reasons: everybody complains about lag on PVP, specifically when mages start casting.

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Nightly Version20-09-2009
Experimental FlagsNone
Option FlagsNone
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Attached Filestxt file icon Packets.txt (Attachment missing)

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has duplicate 0001755closed sphere sends "reagents ammount" packets to everybody on each cast 
related to 0001761closedBen clients crash randomly since r1283 

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ShiryuX (developer)
23-05-10 05:47

I can confirm this.
Sphere is sending Megacliloc messages to the client of non-reachable or items that the client cannot see (example: items inside another player's backpack), disabling tooltips fix this, but that's not the idea.

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