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0002531SphereServerexecutable - genericpublic02-07-15 01:4816-07-15 09:00
Assigned ToCoruja 
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.56c Nightly 
Summary0002531: Weid inssues with resurrect
DescriptionI found some weird issue when resurrected: nearby clients cannot see the resurrected player or the resurrected player cannot see the other player and has some problem with refreshing the client (dead seeing).

If you create an NPC, nearby clients cannot see until they refresh (go out the screen an go in again)
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Internal Build Number2364
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Rizz (reporter)
02-07-15 02:07

I can fix using this command:

timerdf 2, updatex

(timerdf is totally like timerf but with tenth of seconds).

In this way i cannot see the animation of the body ressurrecting from the ground
Rizz (reporter)
02-07-15 11:26

Players in game, after resurrect, becomes grey such as invisible effect
darksun84 (reporter)
02-07-15 18:53
edited on: 02-07-15 19:00

For me it happens when i set PacketDeathAnimation= 1

With 0 it didn't happen.

It happened also with PacketDeathAnimation = 0

darksun84 (reporter)
03-07-15 12:10
edited on: 03-07-15 16:07

I notice this (using PacketDeathAnimation = 0):

1-Bring a plevel 1 character with you.

2-Turn off gm and invulnerability

3-Stay in peace mode, .kill your character (not the plevel 1 character)

4-While still in peace mode, resurrect yourself. Switch to plevel 1 character, the other character shouldn't be displayed after the resurrection.

5-Same as above (stay in peace mode before killing your character), but before resurrecting switch to war mode( with alt+c not by tabbing). Resurrect yourself, this time your character will be displayed to plevel 1 character.

Additional notes: the part above seems true only if your character dies while in peace mode, if he dies in war mode what i written seems to not be valid(he never appears to the plevel 1 character) but not sure about this.

Additional notes 2: A quick way to see if your character will be displayed or not after the resurrection is to look at the hair color in game. If after the resurrection the color of the hair is white (color 0) but the actual value of hair color is different than 0, your character will be not displayed.

Additional notes 3: Seems also character flag statf_war never get set, but i don't remember if it's still a valid flag or not.
Edit: Sometime the flag get set, sometime not.
Edit Edit: When @UserWarMode is fired, argn1 is always 0 (going to peace mode) but if you spam it (spamming tab or alt+c) sometimes it get to 1 and set statf_war correctly.

Coruja (developer)
04-07-15 05:05

try using latest build, I changed some lines on resurrect code to fix ghosts of bonded pets and -maybe- this will fix this problem too, since the problem is just a missing "update" call on client

if it still occour even on latest build, then it need to be fixed. But for now, you can make an easy workaround calling UPDATE or UPDATEX on the char some seconds after resurrect
darksun84 (reporter)
04-07-15 23:27
edited on: 04-07-15 23:28

bug still present !

Coruja (developer)
11-07-15 22:46

try using latest nightly build, it's working fine now
darksun84 (reporter)
13-07-15 14:20

Yes looks fixed :)

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